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moderated - created 10/13/03
Accounts with no profile data, photos, or friends will be denied membership...Trolls, alts, and those whose only interest is sex, please become a real person before entering. If your profile picture is not something I'd focus on in public, don't expect me to look longer than it takes to decline. Even on a nude beach, I like to look people in the eyes.

I've had too many issues with advertisers spamming the board,
and sexualization of nudism with adult scenarios and fantasies has plenty of other tribes.

Frankly, I look at a person's posts, tribes, and images before I allow any new member into Naked Sun. While I am a nudist, I'm not staring at your crotch when I meet you on the beach, and making me do so here doesn't help... Just sayin'... It's fine you wanna show it, but you are more than your member if you're gonna be a member of Naked Sun.

I do check profiles before new members are ok'd,
it keeps the spam down ...
and allows for check backs on new profiles
so they can get the hang of Tribe and find a few friends before landing here.

If you've been declined, re-read the above and consider why before requesting again.

"This tribe is a community of like minded people. As such, we set our own Community Standards for our content. We welcome you to join us if you are like minded, and ask you to politely leave us alone if you are not."
Thank you Shatter.

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