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How many of you slept in the raw as a kid? When did you start doing it?

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  • I'm not sure if this age places me as a "kid" but I started sleeping in the nude once I started getting body hair around age 12 or 13 (maybe 14, at the latest). I found it very uncomfortable to wear pajamas so I just started sleeping in the nude.
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    Yeah... not sure exactly what qualifies as a "kid" - I think I remember I started sleeping in the raw when I was in my mid-teens.
  • Had to be around 8. I never liked the feeling of clothing when I was trying to go to sleep.
    • I'm not sure at what age I began to sleep naked. But I distinctly remember waking up, having taken all my clothes off at some point during the night when I was around 8 or 9.
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        I rarely sleep totally nude when alone - most nights I strip down to just my panties, and stop there. And I've only been doing this since living alone; as a kid & in high school living with mom & dad, it was always at least a shirt & panties.
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    For me it was around 6-7 maybe earlier,I would wake up with PJs binding under my arm or leg ,so I stopped wearing them,But for years my mom would take them out of the dresser and wash and fold them put them back and get larger sizes as I got bigger,When I was about 13-14 she gave up,I would also walk around without cloths,that amused her.
    • I can't even remeber a time when I regularly wore PJ's. Not since I was a very young kid, anyway. On hot New York nights when I was growing up I always stripped of my pajamas. I think when I first started college and shared a dorm room with three other guys, I may have slept in my underwear for the first month or so.

      I don't understand wearing clothing to sleep, or to swim. One might as well wear bathing trunks in the shower.
      • About 8 yrs old, i started sleeping raw except
        for sometimes a tshirt, or just something on my
        shoulders which get cold. That's still true today.

        I always keep some pjs at the foot of the bed
        in case i have to wander to the bathroom,
        but sleeping with pjs or anything just, they
        just get all twisted up and i hate it.

        but i like being touched through cotton and so
        if my bovfiend is frisky, sometimes i'll put
        pjs on just so he can take them off!

        but that's different than how i sleep
  • Since I was able to get the clothes off. My parents said I would take all my clothes off and take the crib apart to get out. I never have understood why anyone would want to wear PJs.
    • I think I started sleeping naked as regularly as I could when I was 13ish. My mother frowned on my nudity and when she would discover that I was sleeping naked she'd get on my case about wearing those "nice pajamas Grandma got you for Christmas".

      I'm just plain uncomfortable wearing any item of clothing when I'm sleeping. I might wear *something* to bed but, when it's time to finally crash, off comes whatever I've got on. Understandably, I LOVE flannel sheets for cold weather sleeping and, for those really chilly nights when the woodstove heat doesn't make it up into the sleeping loft, I LOVE my electric bedwarmer which I turn on an hour before bedtime and then off when I slide in between the sheets.
  • Though I'm sure I did, I don't remember ever wearing pajamas. Damn repressed childhood. However, I do remember why I always kept taking my pj's off. I could never get an entire nights sleep in because halfway through the night the left buttock of the pj's would find it's way around to my right thigh, at which point my choices were to readjust and have it happen again, fling off the jammies, or lose circulation to certain vital bits and pieces. Not a hard choice really.
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    I've been sleeping nude since junior high...always kept underwear nearby when I was in college when I had roommates...
    • Jim
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      Lately it's been cold, so I throw a T-shirt on. I have seen kids dressed this way, wearing a night-shirt but naught else. Is this a common way to wear a nightshirt? Do people often wear anything under a nightshirt?
  • I am from Canada so it mighty cold during November/dec and Jan and FEb and March!!! lol I slept naked as early as 11 years old. I do now mostly if it not too cold! Thanks for California weather!
  • in my house we had "naked time" which was time for me to run around naked. this stopped as I got older but I'm pretty sure I've been sleeping naked for most if not all of my life.
  • I started around the time I finally lived alone and developed a better self-image in my singledom, around 25. Yet, I was still wearing panties to bed.

    I somehow eased into going to bed completely naked with my current partner. It seems to be part of being very confident, proud, and always "ready" for anything. ;)

    • Tara:

      I don't think your experience is at all unusual. The self-image stuff resonates with me too. Also, I'm thinking back conversations with women I've talked about this with over the years. I don't know, and it's a wild generalization, but suspect that it is a different kind of thing for boys than girls to be taking their cloths off as teenagers and young adults <comments?>. Also, it's my perception that, even today, girls still get more more negative messages about their bodies than boys do (and I certainly got a few).

      I started when I was around 13-14 years old. At first, I got a couple of hints from my mom - something like comments about my pj's not showing up in the wash. I'm the oldest. I guess she was dealing with transitioning from handling a kid to handling a pubescent male). It couldn't have been more than a couple of weeks later before I was always sleeping in my underwear. I remember feeling *QUITE* risque, and that it felt a *LOT* better! I was into briefs for what seems like a week or two when, uh, typical fourteen-year-old male that I was, they soon proved to be an impediment. Wow! How great it felt to be sleeping in the raw! By the way, I thought that most everybody else slept in pj's, and that I was being a little 'wild'.

      Come college, I remember wearing underwear (or PE shorts) for a while in the dorm, at least with my 'straighter' (older use of the word) roomie (a rural county Republican judge's son, BTW, but that's another story ...), but later kept a pair handy for nighttime hall excursions. Extenuating circumstance here: the advisor for the entire dorm had to go through our hallway to get to his apartment: his wife had a problem with us being naked in the hall in our own lair <G>.

      Today, when I'm visiting, or, say, camping with someone not a partner, I wear an old pair of shorts and an huge tee. Your post made me think. though, if this is really the 'gracious guest' here, or being inhibited. I'm assuming that most would rather sleep in the raw, but how do you bring that up - or do you? Any protocol for this, anyone?

      Kind long, but I felt like self-disclosing <G> Commentary? Lots of opportunity for 'thread creep', too.

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      Just a tangent note - it often strikes me as so strange how somebody as pretty as you can have "self-image" issues. Just goes to show, beauty (even self-perceived) is in our heads, not in how we look.
      • Matt:

        It's amazing how much BS gets poured into kid's ears about not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, slender enough, man or women enough, etc, etc. It's also amazing how commonl those messages are in the commercial media, but below the radar.

        Naked woods rock, BTW!

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          Bill, I agree with you completely, and it's a shame. Everything is just perspective and preference. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Reminds me of lyrics from a song by Groove Armada - "If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other." :) Variety is great. Everybody sleep naked! Be proud! Hell, walk through the streets naked! (Oops, almost forgot, we don't live in a free country.)
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    I think I started at around age 9 or 10, and have never turned back since. Clothes just always felt wrong. At around 7 or 8 years old, I used to take off all my clothes and run around the woods behind my house in NY.
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    I think maybe I was about ten years old and never went back to PJs
    • I don't sleep inthe raw all the time but i did the other day and it was great :)
      • Tom
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        I started sleeping naked when I was about 16 or so. Haven't gone back to jammies since, whether it be at my house or someone elses.

        • ... at someone else's house ..

          How do you negotiate that? I'd much rather be naked (especially camping) but .... well, here is a question I posed in my (much) earlier reply to Tara ...

          Today, when I'm visiting, or, say, camping with someone not a partner, I wear an old pair of shorts and an huge tee. Your post made me think. though, if this is really the 'gracious guest' here, or being inhibited. I'm assuming that most would rather sleep in the raw, but how do you bring that up - or do you? Any protocol for this, anyone?
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            I cannot remember the last time I wore clothing to bed - it just seems sinful. I live in a clothing optional household with one part-time and one full-time roommate, and we have a heated pool. (Ah, the pleasures of executive life in California - living with perfect strangers just to have a roof over your head. Anyway, I digress). My last two roommates, in San Francisco and Long Beach, were straight guys. Beautiful straight guys, at that. We never discussed the subject really, but both knew that I had a penchant for weekend trips to the nude beach and to Palm Springs, so they HADt oknow that I would have preferred to be nude at home if I had my 'druthers. Both had small children who visited frequently (as I said, these were both fantastic men to the core, beautiful inside and out), and for general comfort level, we were clothed in the home with the bare minimum of at least a pair of shorts. I often wonder if either would have adjusted to living comfortable nude, as I am. Maybe I should call them and ask..........
          • Not sure of the protocol. I used to be 'polite' and assume the host would rather have me clothed. and it depends on the sleeping arrangements but now, when i'm about to get in my assigned bed, i take off my clothes. i don't make a presentation of it and i don't hide it. That's just me getting into bed.
            Especially if you are alone in a bed, or bag, i see no reason why you shouldn't just shuck the garb and drift to sleep.
            • Nice answer and one I agree with either as guest or host. Perhaps I'm just fortunate with my circle of friends that i've never needed night clothing, and if they were to stay over I don't concern myself with how they sleep, so long as they are warm and comfortable.
  • I started sleepin nude at age 16. Funny enough a friend had told me he did it and thought it was really comfortable, so I thought I'd give it a try. I totally loved it and now have a hard time sleeping with anything when camping and its too cold.

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    I started sleeping in the raw when I was about 8. That's how my dad went to bed so that's how I wanted to go to bed too. My mom tried to keep me in pajamas for some unknown reason but finally gave up when she realized that I'd just take them off the minute I got in bed.

    I can't figure out how people sleep in pajamas or underwear now. Seems so uncomfortable.
    • I agree. Sleeping nekid rules. I hate sleeping in shorts or undies because I toss and turn a lot in my sleep and they get all strangle hold on me. I also like that freedom feel.

      I've probably been doing it since my mid-teens.
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    I began very young, In fact, I was BORN naked! Seriously, there are photos of me with my siblings showing them in PJ's and me naked.
  • My dad always slept naked. My mother always wore a some kind of gown.

    I started sleeping nude around puberty. I had to put boxers on in USCG boot camp but slept naked aboard my ship in Alaska.
  • I remember once when I was about 7, I took off my pajama top and remember how incredibly sexy it felt. I remember the "naughty" thrill of it. My mom came into the room and woke me up to put them back on, she thought I took them off during a dream. When I was a teenager and had my own room with a lock, I started sleeping naked - it was so much more convenient that way because of all the jacking off I did.
  • well considering i have a shitty memory,.. i would assume that i started as a kid,.. although when i went into the military,.. i had to wear boxers,.. but i was still freeballing,.. i am more of a loincloth kinda guy now,.. only wear that when i ABSOLUTELY have to,.. otherwise its a nontanline workout for me :D
  • I've been sleeping in the raw since 7th grade. Even in the winters here in Minnesota it's best that way. Thank goodness for down comforter the only way to get through the winters...
  • Interesting Question... I had Four ^$#*()_+ brothers and we Never slept nude. after puberty we rarely saw each other naked.. Even today I sleep in briefs. Unless I fall asleep after making Love.
  • I started when I moved out at 18, until then I slept in underwear. Now I always sleep nekid. Even when camping or staying at somebody house. I find that generally people don't check on what you're wearing when you are a guest. the only time I wear anything to bed is if I'm sharing my bed with a friend who would be uncomfortable (like when I go camping with my best friend who happends to be a lesbian).
  • Just found Tribes, but what a find(!) so apologies for a late posting.

    Seems like I'm the only one here who was actively encouraged by their parents to sleep nude as a child. Both Mum and Dad were habitual nude sleepers, and they had strong opinions that the less one wore in bed the better, and best of all was nothing at all. My husband had become a nude sleeper by the time I met him, but his conversion took place in his early teen years; seems to be a common rite of passage for boys. All three of out kids, now in their own teens, were brought up to sleep nude once they were dry at night, and have never shown much interest in dressing for bed.
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    Since about 10 or so, off-and-on initially. It took me awhile to discover it wasn't something to hide, and that I wasn't the only one doing it. But once I realized that both my father and younger brother were PJ-free, I dispensed with the pretense of going to bed in them, then sneaking them off under the covers.

    It was never an issue in college. After all, our bathrooms and showers were co-ed ... and it was actually my campus that got the current "Naked Party" cocktails and conversation trend into the media.

    Since most of my camping is at hot springs, it's not an issue there either. We're naked most of the day already, so putting something on just to sleep in would be pretty silly.
  • one of those kids or adults who has never been able to sleep with clothes on, even when I pass out clothed I wake up naked........which I guess for some
  • i stated this when i was 12. i used to lock my doors strip down. (i even lose my panties) then i start mansurbating. i useually fall asleep after dat. i still continue to do so

    ~ Sarah
  • you couldn't keep clothes on me when i was a kid, i'd run around the house nude till i was six or so. but i word pajamas to bed cause i shared a room with my brother. i guess i started sleeping nude when i got my own room age 15.
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    Didn't sleep nude as a kid (result of parents' conservative raising an' all that... PJs were the order of the day). Now I love sleeping in the nude... feels like my body can breathe and rest easier.
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    I started sleeping naked when I was 13. I remember how good it felt being naked under the sheets. Been that way ever since.....
  • I can't remember when I did - probably when I moved out of the house for college. But interestingly, it was a telling question on my first date with my wife ... Do you sleep in the nude - Yes - correct answer. It think it might have been a deal breaker otherwise.

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    Started sleeping naked when i was about 11 or so. It didn't take me long to figure out it was much more comfortable, esp as the erections became bigger and harder. It also didn't take long to figure out that it was easier to not fight with my mom about wearing something to bed, and just let the PJs hit the floor after the door was closed.......been sleeping naked ever since. If I wear anything, it's only when I'm sick, and even then it's just a sweatshirt to keep my shoulders warm...never any bottoms!!!
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      I have never really liked sleeping nude. I hate flopping around at night when I am trying to sleep. I like my boys nice and snug when i am sleeping. but as far back as i can remember. I have only ever worn briefs to bed. I cant handle anything else. shirts tend to choke me, and pajamas are to hot
  • My dad was a nudist and so slept naked and hung around the house naked. I just imitated him and slept naked as far back as I can remember. In the military some slept naked -- a lot in boxers. I was one of the naked guys. I grew up without any modesty or inhibitions so am comfortable with my body. I am a full time freeballer so own no underwear so there has never been an issue with sleeping in underwear.

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