"Naturist" VS "Nudist"

topic posted Wed, November 16, 2005 - 5:46 PM by  LOLa
What are you? How do you define the difference? Can you be both? Any other people-labels you'd like to share?
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SF Bay Area
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    Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Wed, November 16, 2005 - 6:22 PM
    In my mind, a naturist is one who goes skyclad in natural settings, such as at the beach, swimming or hiking, to increase the sense of "being at one with nature."

    I LOVE that sensation too, but it isn't essential to my naked lifestyle. I'm also naked in a wide range of other types of situations: around the house alone or with others, socially whenever possible, in certain public situations like San Francisco's "Bay to Breakers" race or Halloween street parties, and so on...

    I think of myself as a nudist.
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    Wed, November 16, 2005 - 10:31 PM
    "To-may-to" vs. "To-mah-to"...terms used interchangeably nowadays.

    In my mind, a "nudist" is naked at some social establishment, be it a resort, club, cruise ship, house, etc. A "naturist" practices nekkidness in a natural setting, i.e. beach, forrest, dried out pre-historic alkalai lakebed, etc. - places with less "restrictions" on what you are/aren't allowed to do while in this state of undress.

    I suppose I'd fit more into the "naturist" label.

    I don't really care for some of the rules posed by "nudist" establishments, i.e. no body jewelry (never really understood that one). Or (males) cover up if find yourself sporting wood (don't know 'bout the rest of the dudes, but I always wake up from naps etc. with a tent pole at the ready...I'm afraid to fall asleep at a nudist resort, for fear of getting booted for breaking this rule).

    "Exhibitionist" is another people-label I'd fall into. I like the risk of getting caught in a public place with nothing on. I enjoy the feeling of total vunerablility (the nakedness = helplessness thing). I like being sexual while others watch.

    There are more, but that's my $0.02 for now.
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      Thu, December 22, 2005 - 8:38 PM
      I totally agree with your comments on the two. I am always nude when at home no matter what I`m doing, there are few activities that I indulge in that need covering of any sort and if there are, I try to avoid them. If it were up to me everybody would be naked all the time mainly because the human body male or female to me is a thing of great beauty, even the male when aroused sexually to me is not offensive in any way and I feel sorry for people that regard it so. I also feel that the sex act is also a beautiful activity, Bijohn
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    Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Fri, November 25, 2005 - 8:58 AM
    Well let me put my $.02 in too, For me I am a Naturist,I like the hot sun and just to be in it and tan. I feel no need to show off my bod just let me tan in piece.
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    Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Fri, November 25, 2005 - 9:03 AM
    I suppose one could have both tendancies.

    I'm simply a naturist when it come to nudity. Natural and comfortable state.

    Maybe it's just the "nature" of the word that seems more "comfortable" to me.
  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Mon, November 28, 2005 - 1:27 PM
    Well, if we want to be technical about it, according to Merriam-Websters Online Dictionary:

    nud·ism : the practice of going nude especially in sexually mixed groups and during periods of time spent at specially secluded places

    nat·u·ral·ism : action, inclination, or thought based only on natural desires and instincts


    nud·ism : The belief in or practice of going nude, especially in secluded, sexually mixed groups for reasons of health.

    nat·u·ral·ism : Conduct or thought prompted by natural desires or instincts.

    In MY eyes Nudists like to be nekid around other people for nudity sake. Naturalists like to be nekid as a way of being more natural and not to show off.'s ALL GOOD!

    • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

      Fri, December 2, 2005 - 1:49 PM
      I just like being naked because it's comfortable...and I like not having tan lines. I wouldn't consider myself either naturalist or nudist. Not because I'm offended by labels, I just don't really relate to either word as an inherent part of my personality.
  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Fri, December 9, 2005 - 4:46 PM
    Ah, I hate labels! They always seem to be more limiting than defining or helpful, to the person labeling themself or in the views of someone labelling another. But, I've always been curious about the real meanings of naturist vs. nudist. You've all offered great info and best of all, made me put a little more thought into how the terms relate to my own interests and views. :)

    • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

      Sun, February 19, 2006 - 10:47 PM
      I hate labels, too, which is part of why I like to be naked in public. Clothes advertise your place in society -- what if I don't want to do that? How about freedom to not speak?

      As for me, I kinda like the word "nekkidist!"
  • Hmmmm...

    Wed, January 4, 2006 - 2:45 AM
    I'm starting to get the feeling that a "naturist" turns out to be a closet "exhibitionist". I'm sure there are genuine "family-type" "let's all cook and play tennis the way god intended" type people. But they've done a good job of hiding from pervs like me.

    I wish I lived in a place as liberal as SF, but in a climate as warm as LA. There'd be clothing-optional sidewalk cafes. But all we get is cold beaches where old guys continually apply sun lotion where it counts, and then the occasional indoor sporting event.

    If the beach crowd were more mixed more often, I'd feel less like I'm on parade and more like I'm just taking in the rays.

    It probably requires a bit of autism to loosen the binds of that thing the general public calls propriety and modesty. That's what makes me a dirty-old-man trapped in the body of a... what am I again?
    • Re: Hmmmm...

      Wed, January 4, 2006 - 8:36 AM
      "I'm sure there are genuine "family-type" "let's all cook and play tennis the way god intended" type people. But they've done a good job of hiding from pervs like me. "

      Go to Martha's Vineyard in the summer. Family nude beaches all over. I went to my first nude beaches there.

  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Thu, January 5, 2006 - 8:38 AM
    I've been a nudist since the 60's. Back then it was the Western Sunbathing Association. Today it's the America Association of Nude Recreation. I'm a gold member of the best clothing option resort in the West and am a regular at Red Rock, RWB and Secret Cove in Tahoe. The difference between "Nudist" and "Naturist" is discussed all the time at the resort I attend. It's a click thing. Nudists are the average folks that have regular jobs and square, mainstream attitudes, drink booze and own big RV’s. Your average Joe or Mary that just happens to like to be nude. Naturists on the other hand, are kinda like hippies. Alternative dress, hairstyle, philosophies, smoke dope and sleep in tents. The naturists show up at the resorts sometimes and are generally derided by the nudists. Naturists frequent nude beaches, hot springs and generally commune with nature . . . nude of course. The two groups rarely party together. Burning Man is an exception.
    • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

      Thu, February 2, 2006 - 12:45 AM
      Before I got to the end of that, I was totally thinking Burning Man. That's kinda one of the best descriptions of Burning Man: where the Hippies and Hipters can hang.
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    Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Fri, January 6, 2006 - 2:22 PM
    I am a naturalist, a naturist, and a nudist. I prefer to be naked, unless the setting is such that I am likely to offend someone. I also spend a lot of time in wilderness areas, where it is unlikely my nudity will offend anyone, so that works out nice.

    I do derive a lot of spiritual fulfillment from skinnydipping in wilderness lakes and streams, if that clears things up :)
  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Thu, February 2, 2006 - 6:26 AM
    I love to get nude in natural settings, but not because I'm an exhibitionist as someone else said. I always choose places in nature where I'm sure no one will see me and possibly be offended, like deep in the forest. I really do enjoy it. When I'm indoors at home, it's just not the same. About the only time I'm nude indoors is when I'm sleeping or getting ready to take a shower.

    Being originally from Buffalo, NY (the land of Ice and Snow) I didn't get much of a chance to be nude until I went to places like Martha's Vinyard and Pirate's Cove. Maybe that has something to do with my attitude toward nudity - it's hard to enjoy being nude at home when it's bloody cold!
    • which is one of the many reasons i put a hot tub just outdside my back door, here, in Massachusetts.
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        nudist politics

        Wed, February 22, 2006 - 5:31 AM
        to me nudists will let you know that it is thier lifestyle even when clothes are on. The word has a sort of all encompassing sound like socialist---thats what we do we are "nudists"I find that often people who self identify themselves as nudists state it as almost a political stance and it composes alot of thier being and identity. A completely reasonable and harmless cause. . .
        havent thought that much about the term naturist
        • Re: nudist politics (of the 'body politic'?)

          Thu, February 23, 2006 - 1:15 PM
          Great reply, Zeke!
          I especially like the terms "self identify" and "political stance".
          And your description of the "ist" suffix as an "encompassing sound" is eloquent.

          Its been my experience that when people hear "naturist" they often think "naturalist" is what was meant, unless the person saying it happened to be naked at the time! Heh. This even happens in stories propagated by the mass media.

          'A group of Naturists protested by stripping naked at the scene." <- Big deal. Yawn!
          'A group of Naturalists protested by stripping naked at the scene." <- ACTUAL big deal!
  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Fri, April 14, 2006 - 6:06 AM
    Hi all, new to the group. Beach nudist (naturist) in FL.

    Who cares what you call it as long as you enjoy it and don't hurt anyone in the process.

    I love the beach, sunning and swimming naked. Beyond that it is all words and when all has been said and done, more has been said than done.

    Stay safe, stay happy and stay naked!

  • Re: "Naturist" VS "Nudist"

    Sun, May 14, 2006 - 3:40 PM
    I tend to call myself a nudist rather than a naturist. To me the difference is in attitude and lifestyle. Naturists want to be 'at one' with nature, usually in an outdoors setting, whereas nudists just enjoy being nude irrespective of the setting.

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